How to Tell If a Gasket has Failed?

Gaskets don't last forever. They have to undergo extreme temperatures and they are exposed to harsh fluids that are found in your vehicle's engine. Here at Genesis of Cleveland, we want you to be able to recognize when a gasket is on its way out so you can limit the damage it causes.

There are many ways to tell if a gasket has failed in your engine. One of the clearest ways is if there are large amounts of white smoke billowing from your exhaust. You may also notice that there is low cylinder pressure, or your radiator is making weird noises. Another telltale sign is when you check your oil and it is a milky color. This is a clear sign of head gasket failure.

If you notice any of these symptoms stop by our service center in Cleveland, OH right away to prevent permanent damage to your vehicle. The quicker you get your vehicle serviced the better the chance that no damage has occurred.

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