Over time, your headlights will inevitably get dirty and scratched. It is important to ensure that you keep them clear, particularly since you might not notice there is a problem while you are driving around well-lit streets in Cleveland, OH. It might only be when you really need them in an area without street lights that you first notice they are cloudy.

There are three home remedies that may help clear them. A DEET-containing insect repellent that is sprayed on a cloth and not directly on your headlights is one. You can also use abrasives, such as sandpaper, but this can also cause damage. Finally, you can buy a DIY cleaning kit.

Here at Genesis of Cleveland, we know how important it is to have clean headlights in order to maintain your visibility. We can keep your headlights in good working order as well as take care of your other automotive service needs.

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