Providing for your child’s safety never stops. This includes transporting them by car. Child safety seats are extremely important for preventing injuries should an accident happen. It doesn’t matter if your vehicle is large, small, old, or new. Driving in a city like Cleveland, OH can be unpredictable. Safety seats go a long way in preventing tragedy.

Proper setup of a child safety seat can be confusing. There are different types of seats to match the age and body size of your child. If you drive an older vehicle, it might not have features that are required to position a safety seat in the right way. These features include tethered seat belts, reclining seat pads, and lap locks.

You should never let your child sit in a safety seat that is improper for their age and size. You should also never use a seat that fits your car’s interior poorly. Sometimes, shopping for a great family car is necessary. The experts at Genesis of Cleveland can help you choose the best model for the safety needs of your youngest passengers.

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